How to Successfully Defend Uttering Threats Charges in Toronto 

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March 17, 2024
Uttering Threats Lawyer in Toronto 

If police have charged you with uttering threats against another individual, you need an experienced lawyer on your side to defend against the charge. 

Your lawyer can help develop an effective defence for uttering threat charges in Toronto. Their exact strategy depends on the circumstances of your case. Here are a few methods for successfully defending utter threat charges in Toronto. 

What Are Utterance Threats?

Uttering threats happen when you convey or cause any person to receive a threat of harm to their person, property, or animal. For a conviction of uttering a threat, it must prove that you intended to invoke fear in another person with your words and that the recipient reasonably feared for their safety or the safety of those around them. 

Defending Utter Threats Charges in Toronto

Your lawyer will review the facts of your case and develop a strategy for successfully defending utter threat charges in Toronto. 

Denying That You Made the Threat

If the alleged threat recipient says that you spoke the threat to them aloud, they may only have their statement as evidence. A judge must find the recipient credible absent any third-party witness testimony or a recording of the threat. Your lawyer can help you argue that the recipient lied about the threat, should not be found credible, or instigated the conflict. 

Arguing That the Threat Wasn’t Serious

Another defence to fight utter threat accusations in Toronto is to argue that the utterance wasn’t actually a threat — that it was just a joke and was not intended to cause fear in the recipient. Your lawyer can help demonstrate that you did not make the threat in a way that you intended the victim to take seriously. Your lawyer could also challenge whether a reasonable person in the circumstances would have believed that the words uttered were intended to convey a threat. 

Showing That the Threat Did Not Imply Bodily Harm 

Maybe you did utter words to another person, but those words were so vague that the recipient did not have a reason to fear bodily harm would result. Your lawyer could argue in court or cross-examine the recipient to show that there was no threat of death or bodily harm in the message conveyed. 

Proving That You Were Impaired 

Being drunk or otherwise impaired at the time of an uttered threat won’t immediately resolve your charges, but it could inform whether you intended to make the threat in a serious manner. 

Turn to Graham Zoppi for How To Fight Utter Threats Accusations in Toronto

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