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If your friend or family member has been arrested, it is vital that you contact a criminal defence lawyer immediately, preferably prior to the bail hearing. An accused only has the right to one bail hearing; you owe it to your loved one to have an experienced Toronto bail hearing lawyer present to ensure his or her release from custody pending the outcome of the charges.

Delay in the criminal justice system is rampant. An accused being granted bail can mean the difference of months, even years, of pre-trial custody from being served while awaiting a trial date. Quite frequently accused persons confronted with this lengthy period of pre-trial custody choose to plead guilty, even where defences are available to the charges. By contrast, a co-accused who is granted bail could be acquitted for the exact same charges. Don`t have your loved ones amass a criminal record for this reason. Hire Toronto bail lawyer Graham Zoppi to ensure pre-trial release.

Because an accused only gets one bail hearing (absent an appeal), it is important that the best possible plan of release be put together in order to ensure bail is granted. An experienced Toronto bail hearing lawyer is essential to this process.

A frequently asked question by families is whether it is worth paying a lawyer to conduct their loved one`s bail hearing when court appointed duty counsel are available to conduct bail hearings. The obvious answer is this is the wrong time to attempt to save money. At stake is months or even years of the accused`s liberty and the ability to be out of custody to assist counsel in making a fuller defence. Further, to appeal a denial of bail costs at least three times as much as a bail hearing. Duty counsel, while fully licensed lawyers, are unable to give a significant amount of attention to the in custody client as they are overburdened with the volume of accused who come through bail court and are not able to meet with potential sureties outside of business hours. To maximize the chance of bail being granted it is essential to hire an experienced Toronto bail hearing lawyer.

If a loved one has been arrested, please contact Toronto bail hearing lawyer Graham Zoppi immediately. He will make sure that the best possible plan is put together to ensure the release of your loved one. This includes:

  • contacting the police to determine where the accused is being held and what court the bail hearing will be in;
  • speaking with your friend or family member to advise them of their legal rights, in particular ensuring that they do not give a statement to police;
  • canvassing the best possible surety to appear in court to sign for the accused;
  • putting together a plan of release that optimizes the chances that bail is granted;
  • preparing sureties for the standard tricks and traps used by prosecutors when cross-examining sureties and ensuring that sureties bring the necessary documents to establish their ability to meet the monetary amount set for bail.

If you require the services of a bail hearing lawyer in Toronto, please contact Graham Zoppi today. He will make sure that the best possible plan is put together to get your loved one back home as soon as possible.

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