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Bail will determine whether you wait for your criminal trial at home, or inside a jail while still presumed innocent of the charges against you. A skilled lawyer like Graham Zoppi can put the best possible bail plan before the courts to secure you bail on your criminal charges. With over 20 years of experience in criminal defence, Graham Zoppi’s clients have received bail on serious charges including firearms, sexual assault, and criminal negligence causing death.

Bail lawyer Graham Zoppi prepares each bail like he is fighting a trial because he understands the importance of bail in determining the outcome of a criminal case. People denied bail often plead guilty and give up their right to a trial because they would spend longer waiting for trial instead of just serving the time on a plea. Accused persons should never be placed in that difficult position and that is why Graham Zoppi invests significant resources into each client’s bail hearing.

A detailed bail plan is prepared in consultation with the his client and their family. An enhanced bail plan may include bringing in new technologies to help with bail compliance such as GPS bracelets, home security systems, or phone tracking. Graham Zoppi will work with you and your sureties to fight for the least restrictive bail conditions possible to secure a release.

Bail lawyer Graham Zoppi spends as much time as is required to properly prepare your sureties to testify in bail court and to withstand cross-examination by the Crown Attorney. This minimizes the effectiveness of attacks on your surety’s suitability or credibility to ensure that the bail plan is presented in the best possible light. This attention to detail and level of preparation is what enables bail lawyer Graham Zoppi to make the greatest impact for his clients at bail.

If you or a loved one have been arrested by police in Peel Region, please contact bail lawyer Graham Zoppi ASAP to discuss how he can help.

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