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Domestic violence charges can coincide with other stressful family circumstances such as marital breakdown, asset division, child custody, or separation. As a criminal lawyer who practices primarily in the area of domestic assault and violence defence, Graham Zoppi brings his 20 years of criminal defence expertise in guiding you though your domestic violence criminal charges. He has successfully defended the entire range of domestic assault cases from simple assault, assault cause bodily harm, aggravated assault, and sexual assault.

Domestic assault lawyer Graham Zoppi can work closely with your family or civil lawyer to identify the potential impacts that the criminal charges may have on related legal proceedings. Working together with your family lawyer, Graham Zoppi can also develop strategies that will help you in both your family and criminal law cases. The collateral consequences of the criminal charges on child custody, residence in the marital home, or in family court are always given full consideration by Graham Zoppi when he is defending you in criminal court against the domestic violence charges.

With his many years of criminal defence experience, Graham Zoppi is an effective negotiator and has a record of success in securing favourable negotiated terms with Crown Attorneys for his clients. When a negotiated outcome is not possible, his ability to effectively cross-examine witnesses and challenge police evidence against his clients has led to a track record of acquittals secured for his clients after trial.

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