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Dui- Over 80- Refuse Breath Sample- Drinking And Driving

An impaired driving conviction can result in serious consequences for you and your family. The penalties can include jail, fines, a driving ban, and if you are not a citizen of Canada, deportation. As a highly experienced impaired driving lawyer, Graham Zoppi has defended countless clients in impaired driving cases ranging from refusal to provide a breath sample to impaired driving causing death. He has litigated DUI cases in both trial and appellate courts in Ontario and has a record of success at securing acquittals for his clients after trial.

Impaired driving defence involves highly technical legal arguments that requires a keen understanding of Charter defences and how to challenge evidence of impairment by drug or alcohol. Graham Zoppi explores every element of the DUI investigation from when you are first stopped by police to when you give a breath sample into the breathalyzer machine in order to develop a complete defence to the charges before the court. He frequently challenges DUI charges on the basis of violations of his client’s rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in order to have breath or blood alcohol readings tossed out at trial. Graham Zoppi has also used his abilities as a skilled cross-examiner to expose weaknesses or lies in police testimony regarding observations of impairment at trial.

You will want to have a skilled DUI lawyer like Graham Zoppi helping you through every step in the DUI court process. His ability to identify weaknesses or shortcomings in impaired driving cases enables him to secure favourable resolutions for his clients at the early stages of the case without the need or expense of a trial. If the matter heads to trial, you can be confident that every avenue to an acquittal will be thoroughly advanced by Graham Zoppi when he is fighting for you.

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