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The stigma of a drug criminal conviction can impair your ability to find work, gain citizenship, or travel freely to other countries. Even when police have seized drugs or other contraband from your person or home in the course of a search warrant, you can still have defences to the charges. You need to speak with an experienced drug and trafficking defence lawyer like Graham Zoppi to determine how best to attack the criminal case against you.

Graham Zoppi has defended clients from all types of drug and trafficking offences including importing, production, and drug conspiracy. His clients have ranged from everyday members of the public to professionals such as doctors and lawyers. He has defended cases as minor as simple possession of marijuana to drug conspiracies with drugs values over a million dollars in street value. As a skilled Charter lawyer, drug and trafficking defence lawyer Graham Zoppi explores all the outcomes in your case with the aim of excluding evidence of the seized drugs as a result of an unlawful search and seizure.

Possession and Trafficking offences

Simple possession usually involves possession of low drug quantities suggesting personal use. Possession for the purpose of trafficking involves controlled substances where the crown can prove an intent to trafficking (sell, transfer, gift, etc) the drug. Brampton drug and trafficking defence lawyer Graham Zoppi carefully reviews all disclosure in your case to determine if the drug evidence can be excluded from the trial due to a violation of your Charter rights against unreasonable search and seizure. Graham Zoppi also attacks cases on the basis of insufficient proof of an intent to traffic or whether it can even be proven that his client had possession of the drugs at all.

Production and Importation offences

Drug and trafficking defence lawyer Graham Zoppi has defended large scale production and importation drug offences, and large scale “Project” organized crime cases. With these offences usually involving lengthy periods of jail upon conviction, hiring an experienced drug defence lawyer like Graham Zoppi is the key to putting forward your best defence. With his numerous years of trial experience, Graham Zoppi can effectively litigate against police wiretap authorizations, complex search warrants, and confidential informant warrants. Despite the volume of paperwork and disclosure in drug production and importation offences, Graham Zoppi never loses track of his client’s interests and works tireless to advance their case through to an acquittal.

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