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Firearms and gun charges are very serious criminal charges that can result in lengthy penitentiary terms on a conviction. With significant police and Crown resources focused on prosecuting firearm cases, you need an experienced firearm lawyer like Graham Zoppi to fight for you. In his 20 years of criminal defence practice, he has defended many clients from charges ranging from firearms possession, careless discharge, manufacturing, and firearms trafficking.

With years of experience challenging police arrest and searches based on Charter violations, Graham Zoppi closely examines each client’s case to determine whether evidence seized by police can be excluded from trial. Even when police have seized firearms in the course of a police investigation or search warrant, Graham Zoppi has succeeded in exposing breaches of his client’s Charter rights and having a judge exclude the firearms evidence and acquit his client.

As a criminal defence lawyer with years of trial experience, Graham Zoppi hones into inconsistencies or inaccuracies in witness testimony to challenge the Crown’s theory of knowledge and control, identity, or use of a firearm.  Graham Zoppi has secured bail for his firearm clients by extensively gathering and coordinating all the necessary resources such as sureties and GPS tracking to put a persuasive bail package before a judge.

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