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As a criminal defence lawyer that practices primary in the area of sexual assault defence, Graham Zoppi is the lawyer that you can rely on to provide a complete and creative defence to your charges. Having successfully defended clients from sexual assault charges over his 20 years of legal practice, he leaves no stone unturned in your legal case.

When faced with sexual assault charges, both your life and reputation are on the line. The criminal penalties are severe and can include jail, registration on the sex offender registry, loss of employment, or deportation from Canada. With many sexual assault cases proceeding to trial and being decided almost exclusively on the credibility of witnesses, you need a skilled trial lawyer like Graham Zoppi who can successfully challenge and impeach the evidence of Crown witnesses in your case.

There are three general approaches to defending sexual assault charges:

  • That the alleged sexual activity never happened
  • That the sexual activity happened but that it was consensual
  • That the sexual activity took place but the accused had an honest but mistaken belief that it was consensual

Sexual assault lawyer Graham Zoppi has secured acquittals for clients using all three approaches and can find the legal strategy that will work best for your particular sexual assault case.

Graham Zoppi also makes full use of pretrial applications which can provide avenues of cross-examination of impeachment of witnesses. Those pretrial applications can include production orders for third party records (ie, medical, counselling, diaries, etc) of the complainant, requests to tender evidence of prior sexual history, or requests to use private records (ie, emails or texts) in evidence.

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