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Theft and fraud are property offences that can range from simple shoplifting to complex corporate fraud. No matter the severity of the alleged theft or fraud, lawyer Graham Zoppi is ready to put forward the best possible defence to the charges with his many years of criminal defence experience.

Even a simple theft conviction can leave someone with a criminal record which in turn could impact future employment prospects. Theft or fraud charges involving greater financial losses or a breach of trust will usually result in jail on a conviction even for first time offenders. A criminal conviction for a theft or fraud can also be fatal to any ongoing civil lawsuit which may lead to an award of heavy civil damages or restitution payments by the accused person.

With complex fraud cases, you need an experienced lawyer like Graham Zoppi who can delve into the significant paperwork and disclosure in large fraud cases to help develop your defence at trial. He makes use of defence experts just as forensic accountants or private investigators to explore all possible defences in your case. Theft and fraud lawyer Graham Zoppi also works closely with your civil lawyer to coordinate a defence in both the criminal and civil court proceedings.

If you have been charged with a theft or fraud offence, call Graham Zoppi to schedule a meeting at his Brampton office for a consultation.

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