Youth Charges

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Criminal charges laid against persons under the age of 18 are prosecuted under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA). In addition to the criminal legal jeopardy, youth criminal charges may also result in collateral consequences such as suspension/expulsion from school or civil lawsuits against parents. As an experienced youth defence lawyer, Graham Zoppi can help guide you or your family through the criminal court process and mount a strong defence to the charges.

While youth criminal charges have less severe punishments than their adult charge counterparts, a conviction for a youth charge can still result in jail time, probation, criminal fines, or a youth criminal record. For certain serious offences committed by a youth such as homicide, the Crown may decide to have the youth tried as an adult.

Youth criminal records can remain accessible into adulthood in certain cases. To avoid any scenarios where a youth criminal record becomes part of a permanent adult criminal record, an experienced youth lawyer like Graham Zoppi can help prevent a youth record from being registered in the first place by contesting the charges at trial or by negotiating a resolution that will not result in a conviction.

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