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Bail is the first and most important step in a criminal case. You only get one shot at bail and you want to retain the most capable and experienced lawyer to fight for you in that do or die moment. With over 20 years of experience in criminal defence, Graham Zoppi has secured bail for clients on all types of serious criminal charges including but not limited to manslaughter, firearms offences, attempted murder and sexual assault.

With excessive delays in the criminal justice system, an accused being granted bail can mean months or even years free from incarceration while their criminal charges move through the courts. Securing bail for clients is a priority for bail lawyer Graham Zoppi as it gives his client the broadest range of options for fighting their criminal charges and to prepare for trial. Too often, people who are denied bail plead guilty to avoid a lengthy wait for their trial date even when defences can be raised against their criminal charges. To give yourself or your family member the best possible start to facing the criminal charges, ensure that you contact an experienced bail lawyer like Graham Zoppi to defend your rights at this critical stage.

Bail lawyer Graham Zoppi has run complex bails for clients that sometimes span multiple days and witnesses. For particularly complex bails involving serious offences, he knows the importance of proper surety preparation to insulate them from senior crown cross-examination in addition to the use of recent case law to argue for the granting of bail.

While some may question the need to retain experienced private counsel like Graham Zoppi for a bail hearing when court appointed duty counsel are present at court, there are significant disadvantages to the use of duty counsel that accused persons should strongly consider. First, while duty counsel is available free of charge, they are available to every person who is relying on duty counsel. While bail lawyers like Graham Zoppi will make every effort to prioritize bails for his client, duty counsel will have to balance priorities for all of their clients in-custody. This can mean an extra night or even multiple days in jail waiting for duty counsel to have the time to run a bail hearing.

Second, while duty counsel does their best to mount a strong bail for their client, they are limited in the time they can spend with you and your sureties. With an office in Scarborough, Graham Zoppi makes every attempt to meet you or your sureties in person to explain the bail hearing process and to make bail preparations. Graham Zoppi spends significant amounts of time and effort in surety preparation because he knows that well-prepared sureties can make or break a bail hearing. When your or your loved one’s liberty is on the line, is it the right time to thrift on their legal defence?

If you or a loved one have been arrested by police, please contact bail lawyer Graham Zoppi immediately to discuss the next steps for bail.

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