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Criminal defence lawyer Graham Zoppi has defended hundreds of clients charged with domestic assault or domestic violence related offences. Domestic assault charges can include simple assault, assault cause bodily harm, aggravated assault, sexual assault, and manslaughter or murder in a domestic context. Graham Zoppi understands the additional difficulties that domestic assault criminal charges pose to clients who might also be facing child custody, child support, or separation proceedings and works tireless to defend their criminal cases to the very end.

Having practiced solely criminal defence for the past 20 years, Graham Zoppi focuses on the defence of domestic assault and violence cases. As a leading domestic assault defence lawyer, his clients come from all walks of life and include lawyers, doctors, construction workers, and homemakers. With an office in Scarborough, Graham Zoppi has defended domestic assault charges for clients from all manner of different backgrounds, genders, and languages.

Domestic assault lawyer Graham Zoppi can help guide you through the criminal court process with his years of knowledge and experience. His experience negotiating with crown attorneys in the Scarborough courthouse lets him secure cost-effective and beneficial resolutions for his clients while his years of litigation experience lets him defend you at trial with confidence and precision. As a senior member of the criminal defence bar, domestic assault lawyer Graham Zoppi engages in thorough and effective cross-examinations of witnesses during trial to secure acquittals for his clients.

Graham Zoppi works regularly with family lawyers to collect information and develop strategies to advance his clients cases in both the criminal and family courts. People charged with domestic assault who fail to consult counsel don’t realize that a criminal conviction can result in the loss of employment, loss of custody of their children, or even deportation from Canada. Call to speak with domestic assault defence lawyer Graham Zoppi in Scarborough so that you can understand your options in fighting the charges in court and so that he can protect your rights at all stages of the criminal court proceedings.

Domestic Assault Overview

While “domestic assault” is not an offence in the Criminal Code, any assaultive behaviour in a domestic (eg. husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, ex-partners) context is statutorily aggravating and can be considered to be domestic assault by a crown attorney and judge. Once you have been charged with a domestic assault, the complainant (accuser) does not have the power to “drop the charges”. That power lies only with the crown attorney and attempts by the complainant to speak with the crown attorney about dropping the charges can actually negatively impact the accused person’s ability to resolve the charges in a satisfactory manner. The severity of a domestic assault can depend on a number of factors including if there were any lasting/severe injuries, if any children were present, if there has been a history of domestic allegations, and the duration of the alleged assaults.

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