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Firearm charges can result in hefty penitentiary prison terms and even mandatory minimum sentences for higher end firearm offences. If you or someone you know has been charged with a firearms offence, it is key that you contact an experienced firearms lawyer like Graham Zoppi to fight for you. With years of freedom on the line, you need a lawyer like Graham Zoppi who has successfully defended numerous clients from firearms possession, manufacturing, and weapons trafficking charges.

Firearms lawyer Graham Zoppi examines your case from all angles and leaves no stone unturned in your defence. As an experienced Charter lawyer, he is highly skilled in getting evidence seized by police tossed out in court due to violations of Charter rights against search and seizure. His 20 years of experience as a trial lawyer also allows him to effectively cross-examine witnesses and draw out problems in proving knowledge or control over the firearm, the identity of a shooter, or proof of manufacturing or trafficking. Based in Scarborough, Graham Zoppi appears regularly in Scarborough court on firearm offences and has been counsel in high profile Scarborough firearm cases.

Graham Zoppi believes in a complete defence starting from the bail stage all the way to a trial. He has secured bail for people accused of serious firearm offences so that they maintain their liberty while waiting for trial. Firearm lawyer Graham Zoppi marshals every resource available including GPS monitoring, sureties, and counselling, to achieve success for firearm clients at the critical bail stage.

If you have been charged with a firearm offence, you don’t have to fight it alone. Call firearm lawyer Graham Zoppi for a consultation in Scarborough and learn how he can defend you or your loved ones from these serious charges.

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