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Youth criminal offences are governed by both the Criminal Code and the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA). An experienced criminal defence lawyer like Graham Zoppi has knowledge of both governing laws and has been defending youth criminal cases in Scarborough for over 20 years.

The main objective of the YCJA is to hold young persons accountable through meaningful consequences and the rehabilitation and reintegration of young persons into society. While many YCJA offences have lesser punishments than their adult criminal charge equivalents, it does not mean that a youth charge can be brushed off or ignored. Convictions under the YCJA can still result in jail time, probation, or a youth record. There may also be consequences for your child’s academics or extra-curricular activities as a result of the youth criminal charges. A youth lawyer like Graham Zoppi can assist your child either in contesting the charges at trial or by working with your family to negotiate a resolution that safeguards your child’s future.

A common misconception is that a youth criminal record is always sealed after the person turns of age. If a person is convicted of an adult criminal offence within a statutorily defined period of time after they turn 18, their youth record may remain visible and be viewable along with their adult criminal record. The best way to avoid the risk of a youth record following a person into their adulthood is to prevent the youth record entry in the first place.

If your child has been charged, contact youth lawyer Graham Zoppi without delay and meet him at his Scarborough office for a consultation. When your child’s future is put at risk, protect them by having an experienced defence lawyer like Graham Zoppi be by their side throughout the court proceedings.

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