I was charged initially with Sexual Assault and then with a second Sexual Assault 10 months later. Mr. Zoppi got my first Sexual Assault Charge withdrawn a month before the trial date. He predicted he would be able to do this and came through on his word. Two months later he called with more good news and said that he was able to persuade the Crown to have my second Sexual Assault charge withdrawn as well. Mr. Zoppi’s hard work, confidence, professionalism and great expertise proved to be the reason I got my life back intact. I’m forever grateful and appreciative for what Mr. Zoppi and his firm were able to pull off. I’m glad I did my due diligence in searching for a top lawyer as he proved to be everything I had read/heard about.

Mr. Zoppi words aren’t enough to thank you for how you helped me. When I was at the worst point of my life you did everything you needed to in order to allow me to get my life back. You gave me your time and your dedication and I will always remember and thank you for it.

Graham is such a responsible and reliable lawyer, my best friend was charged with two criminal charges, Graham dropped all of them! And every time we tried to call him, even he did not pick it up right away, he would call us back asap. Highly professional and trustworthy. I would definitely recommend him to a friend.

Cannot thank Graham and his team enough for giving us the right advise and helping us avoid unnecessary hassles in a criminal case where we has been frauded by an ex-employee. He helped us get the decision in our favor thus avoiding the negativity about the business and any financial loss due to a fraud by an ex-employee.One of the best Toronto criminal lawyers we have met

Graham is a top notch criminal lawyer. He is experienced in this area of the law. He is a highly effective and forceful advocate for his clients. I endorse him without hesitation.

I hired him after a family member recommendation (he took care of their case for drinking and driving). I’m so glad that Graham is taking care of my case. He’s highly responsible, has plenty knowledge and experience and always keeps a positive attitude while acting in a very professional way. With the stress that this type of situations bring, it’s good to know that I don’t have to worry about my lawyer.

I worked with Graham on a number of complex criminal cases in my career
stint in Canada. I always admired his creativity, work ethic and winner
approach. If he could only agree to move to Dallas, I’m sure he’d be the
leading criminal lawyer here too. To him nothing seems impossible.

Like myself many people never think that they would ever need a criminal lawyer. It turns out to be a very stressful experience an area unknown and scarey. Graham Zoopi walked us through the process and made us feel comfortable again. His presentation in court was outstanding winning our case for us, and with confidence doing what he does best

Working with Graham Zoppi as my lawyer, was a fascinating experience. Never would i have thought i would have had a criminal lawyer this good. He saved me so much life troubles, and i thank him dearly for it. Thanks so much. c:

I’m not a Toronto resident. While visiting my relatives here, I was stopped by the Toronto police and charged with a DUI. Unaware of recently imposed restrictions, I didn’t know what to do and was about to plead guilty to the Crown, a mistake I’d never forgive myself. Thankfully, Graham was there for me, took my case and had it thrown out after a pretrial hearing. Fantastic criminal defense lawyer that I would recommend to anyone who’s in trouble.

What I can say, Graham zoppi saved me a lot of money during my case. One of the best defence lawyers I can depend on. When I was caught drinking and driving I turned to Zoppi and I don’t know how but he won my case. I will always contact Graham Zoppi if I ever get myself into any trouble. I higly recommend him.

Graham Zoppi was recommended to me by a trusted source, as a highly qualified criminal attorney with a great track record in the field that I’m interested in.
I ran my own checks and everything that I have heard about him this far has been words of praise.

Graham Zoppi is the best Criminal Defense Lawyer you can hire. I got into a bit of trouble back in the day and he saved me from going to jail. This man is the best lawyer in Toronto! I recommend you to everyone I know who gets into trouble. 5 Stars!

finding a lawyer was very stressful, and overwhelming Mr R. Graham Zoppi made the experience easy and fast. When I was faced with times of adversity Zoppi was the person who helped me overcome those issues. I would recommend any one needing a criminal defense lawyer to use Graham Zoppi

I’d vouch for Graham to anyone who’s in trouble and needs solid a criminal lawyer
He’s honest and straightforward, a rare commodity these days especially with lawyers. Underpromises and overdelivers. Highly recommended.

I retained the service of Mr Zoppi and it was one of the best decision I ever made.Mr zoppi has great personality and excellent communication skills.I thank
Mr zoppi from the bottom of my heart.God bless him and his family and give him the best of the best.

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